Grabado en el Festhalle, de Frankfurt (Alemania), el 30 de Octubre de 1991.

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals
MARTIN BARRE: electric guitar
DAVE PEGG : bass guitar, mandolin
MARTIN ALLCOCK : keyboards, guitar

1. Intro 
2. Minstrel in the gallery / Cross-eyed Mary 
3. Kissing Willie 
4. Rocks on the road 
5. This is not love 
6. Serenade to a cuckoo 
7. Like a tall thin girl 
8. The whistler (instrumental) 
9. White innocence 
10. Sleeping with the dog 
11. Living in the past 
12. Paparazzi (instrumental) 
13. Doctor to my disease 
14. Thick as a brick 
15. Medley: A new day yesterday / Bourée