Grabado en Manheim, Alemania, el 5 de Mayo de 1992

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals
MARTIN BARRE: electric guitar
DAVE PEGG : bass guitar, mandolin
MARTIN ALLCOCK : keyboards, guitar

1. Intro
2. Some day the sun won´t shine on you
3. Living in the past (instrumental)
4. Fat man
5. Rocks on the road
6. Life is a long song
7. Under wraps
8. Nursie
9. Too old to rock'n'roll; too young to die
10. One white duck
11. A new day yesterday
12. Aqualung
13. From a dead beat to an old greaser
14. Roll yer own
15. Look intro the sun (instrumental)
16. Christmas song
17. Said she was a dancer
18. Bourée
19. When Jesus came to play
20. Pussy willow (instrumental)
21. Jump start
22. Locomotive breath
23. Thick as a brick