España 92


Grabado en en el Arena Disco, de Valencia (España), el 7 de Abril de 1992.


IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals
MARTIN BARRE: electric guitar
DAVE PEGG : bass guitar, mandolin
DAVID MATTACKS: drums, percussion

1. Intro (from Carmen)
2. Minstrel in the gallery
3. Cross-eyed Mary
4. Living in the past (inst.)
5. Rocks on the road
6. This is not love
7. Serenade to a cuckoo
8. Like a tall thin girl
9. The whistler (inst.)
10. White innocence
11. Kissing Willie
12. Said she was a dancer
13. Thick as a brick
14. Paparazzi
15. Doctor to my disease
16. A new day yesterday / Flute solo & Bourée
17. Reasons for waiting / Look into the sun (inst.)
18. Farm on the freeway
19. Jump start
20. My God & Flute solo
21. Aqualung
22. Locomotive breath / Black sunday / Thick as a brick (reprise)

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