Grabado en directo en the House Of Blues, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, el 9 de octubre de 1999.

Tema 22 grabado en el David Letterman Show 1991.

Tema 23 grabado en directo en la BBC (probablemente del álbum "In Concert").

Temas 24 y 25 grabados en the Los Angeles Forum 1980 (probablemente del "Caught In The Crossfire").

Tema 26 probablemente del "Curious Riff".

Tema 27 grabado en la BBC en 1977 (del "25th Anniversary Box Set")

Tema 28 grabado en directo no se sabe dónde.

Tema 29 de "Nightcap".

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals
MARTIN BARRE: electric guitar
DOANE PERRY: drums and percussion 
JONATHAN NOYCE: bass guitar
ANDREW GIDDINGS :  keyboards
MARK CRANEY: drums and percussion 
DAVE PEGG : bass guitar, mandolin
EDDIE JOBSON: keyborads, violin

1. Intro
2. Steel Monkey
3. For A Thousand Mothers
4. Serenade For A Cuckoo /
5. Spiral
6. Nothing Is Easy
7. Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Sq.
8. Fat Man
9. Awol
10. A New Day Yesterday
11. Martin Barre Instrumental
12. Dot Com
13. Bourée
14. Hunting Girl
15. Hunt By Numbers
16. My God
17. Passion Jig
18. Locomotive Breath
19. Aqualung
20. Living In The Past
21. Finale: Dogs In The Midwinter-The Dambusters March-Cheerio
22. Tall Thin Girl
23. Blues Jam
24. Skating Away
25. Flute Improvisation
26. Wounded Old And Threacherous
27. Medley: Wind Up-Locomotive Breath-Land Of Hope And Glory
28. Pibroch
29. I Don't Wanna Be Me