Recopilación de temas que cuentan con la colaboración de Ian Anderson.


1. Another Christmas song (Gala Viena 1998)
2. Serenade to a Cuckoo (Roland Kirk)
3. Man of the world (Ian Anderson)
4. All along you knew (Honeymoon Suite)
5. On tuesday (Man Without Hats)
6. Gutter geese (Maddy Prior)
7. Home (Roy Harper)
8. Under the greenwood tree (Brian Protheroe)
9. Play minstrel play (Blackmore's Night)
10. Mother Europe (Mandoki)
11. Hold on your dreams (Mandoki)
12. On and on (Mandoki)
13. Let's the music show you the way (Mandoki)
14. Stay in Budapest (Mandoki)
15. Bursting bladder (The Six and Violence)
16. Theological guns (The Six and Violence)
17. Asunshine day (The Six and Violence)
18. Nothing is easy (The Six and Violence)