Grabado en Abril de 1969. 
Publicado a finales de Abril de 1969. 

Producido por Terry Ellis y Ian Anderson.

Remasterizado en el 2001, con temas extras y notas escritas por Ian Anderson.

IAN ANDERSON: flute, mouth organ, acoustic guitar, piano, mandoline and singing
MARTIN BARRE: electric guitar and flute 
CLIVE BUNKER: drums and persussion
GLENN CORNICK: bass guitar
1. A new day yesterday  
2. Jeffrey goes to Leicester Square  
3. Bourée  
4. Back to the family  
5. Look into the sun  
6. Nothing is easy  
7. Fat man  
8. We used to know  
9. Reasons for waiting 
10. For a thousand mothers
11. Living in the past
12. Driving song
13. Sweet dream
14. 17