Throw caution to the wind

Grabado en el Universal Ampitheater de Los Angeles, Ca., el 24 de Noviembre de 1995.

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals
MARTIN BARRE: electric guitar
DOANE PERRY: drums and percussion 
JONATHAN NOYCE: bass guitar
ANDREW GIDDINGS :  keyboards

1. Intro
2. Instrumental
3. Roots To Branches
4. Rare And Precious Chain
5. Out Of The Noise
6. Valley
7. In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
8. At Last, Forever
9. Dangerous Veils
10. Beside Myself
11. Aqualung
12. Nothing Is Easy
13. Bourée
14. We Used To Know
15. In The Moneylenders Temple
16. My God
17. Misere
18. Fat Man
19. Budapest
20. Wounded, Old And Treacherous
21. Locomotive Breath
22. Jump Start 

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