Grabado en el HR-Schlossbühne, de Butzbach, Alemania, durante el Hessentag Festival, el 6 de Junio de 2007.

Jethro Tull toca acompañado de The Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt.

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals
MARTIN BARRE: electric guitar
DOANE PERRY: drums and percussion 
DAVID GOODIER: bass guitar
JOHN O'HARA: keyboards

1. Someday the sun won't shine for you
2. Living in the past
3. The water carrier
4. Life is a long song
5. Pavane
6. Jack-In-The-Geen
7. Pastime with good company (King Henry's madrigal)
8. Mo'z art
9. Fat man
10. Beside myself
11. Bourée
12. Dun Ringill
13. Thick as a brick
14. Aqualung
15. America
16. My God
17. Budapest
18. Locomotive breath