Carlisle Sands Theater 19-06-1995

 video106.jpg Grabado en el Sands Theatre, de Carlisle (Gran Bretaña), el 16 de Septiembre de 1995 (aunque en la carátula indica el 19 de junio).


1. Intro
2. 'A' Medley (And Further On/Fylingdale Flyer/Protect And Survive)
3. Roots To Branches
4. Rare And Precious Chain
5. Out Of The Noise
6. Valley
7. In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
8. At Last Forever
9. Dangerous Veils
10. Beside Myself
11. Aqua-intro/Aqualung/Aquadiddley
12. Nothing Is Easy
13. We Used To Know
14. Nothing To Say
15. In The Moneylender's Temple
16. My God
17. Misère
18. Fat Man
19. Budapest
20. Like A Tall Thin Girl
21. Wounded Old and Treacherous
22. Locomotive Breath
23. Jump Start/Dambusters March/Thick As A Brick (reprise)


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