Grabado durante la Convención alemana, celebrada en Landeskliliken, Bedburg, el 18 de Abril de 1998.

Los ocho últimos temas, grabados en Magdeburg, el 18 de Julio de 1997.

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals
MARTIN BARRE: electric guitar
DOANE PERRY: drums and percussion 
JONATHAN NOYCE: bass guitar
ANDREW GIDDINGS :  keyboards

1. Some day the sun won't shine for you
2. In times of India
3. Living in the past
4. Boris dancing
5. Empty cafe / Too old to rock'n'roll... (Martin Barre)
6. Under wraps instr. (Andrew Giddings)
7. Like blood (Jonathan Noyce)
8. Doane Perry solo
9. My sunday feeling
10. Beside myself
11. Serenade to a cuckoo
12. A new day yesterday
13. In the grip of stronger stuff
14. My God
15. In sight of the minaret
16. Thick as a brick
17. Mother goose
18. Bourée
19. Paparazzi (instr.)
20. Dangerous veils
21. Locomotive breath
22. Aqua-diddle
23. Dambusters march
24. Thick as a brick reprise
25. Misère
26. Farm on the freeway
27. Bourée
28. Meddley: Songs from the wood
29. Too old to rock'n'roll
30. Heavy horses
31. Songs from the wood
32. We used to know