Too old to rock'n'roll: too young to die!


Grabado en Febrero de 1976. 
Editado en Abril de 1976. 

Orchestra conducting and arranging by David Palmer. 

Producido por Ian Anderson.

Remasterizado en el 2002, con temas extras y notas escritas por Ian Anderson.

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, harmonica, electric guitar, percussion and vocals
MARTIN BARRE: electric guitar
BARRIMORE BARLOW: drums and percussion
JOHN GLASCOCK: bass guitar and vocals
JOHN EVAN: pianos

1. Quizz kid
2. Crazed institution  
3. Salamander  
4. Taxi grab  
5. From a dead beat to an old greaser  
6. Bad-eyed and loveless  
7. Big dipper 
8. Too old to rock'n'roll: too young to die
9. Pied piper  
10. The chequered flaf (dead or alive)
11. A Small Cigar (de Nightcap)
12. Strip Cartoon (de 20 years of Tull)
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