Recopilación que contiene temas raros de Jethro. Los temas pertenecen a actuaciones en directo, emisiones de programas de radio y material de la página web oficial del grupo.

1. Blues for the 18th (Letting you go) - John Evan Band, 1967
2. Tomorrow Was Today - location and recording date unknown, 1971
3. Soirée (embedded in My God) - Essen, Jan. 21 1972
4. The Château d'Isaster Tapes - copy from the original tape 1972:   
Overture, Scenario, Audition, Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day, Sailor, No Rehearsal
5. Another Untitled Instrumental - Heapstead, Sept. 18 1982
6. Intro UW Tour 1984 - Cologne, Sept. 26 1984
7. Instrumental - Cologne, Sept. 26 1984
8. Vettese instrumental - Cologne, Sept. 26 1984
9. Finale UW-tour - Cologne, Sept. 26 1984
10. Andy Giddings' Parrot - location and recording date unknown, 1993
11. Free Fall - location and recording date unknown, 1999 made available on the initial Official Jethro Tull Site.
12. Dot Com in progress - 1999 Recorded at Ian's home studio in 1999 and made available on the initial Official Jethro Tull Site. Consists of several takes/rehearsals of:
Spiral, Dot Com, Hunt by numbers, Black Mamba
13. Acoustic Café, Show # 271 - broadcasted in March 2000. Interview with Ian Anderson and songs performed live (with backing tracks on CD):
The Secret Language Of Birds, In Sight Of The Minaret, Set Aside, Habanero Reel
14. Sound check - Tallahassee, Fl., May 9 2002:
Thick As A Brick, Martin tuning his guitar, Ian welcomes the listeners, Living In The Past, Tuning: Elegy (Ian), Water Carrier (Ian, Andy & Doane), Martin Barre Instrumental.